teaching_change_lives.jpgTeaching to Change Lives is so far a fantastic book that’s about how to communicate effectively through a biblical lens. One great takeaway for me is that if you say your so excited about the Gospel, why don’t you show it when you teach or preach it? Convicting words.


Lectures to my students, authored by none other than the Prince of Preachers himself,

9781857924176.jpgis a whole lot to take in! I’m barely into it and already i’m amazed at the intelligence and godliness of this man. It’s no wonder he’s called the prince of preachers. Something that sticks out to me is how much emphasis he puts on discerning your own salvation. You can’t be called to ministry if you aren’t sure of God’s saving you first place!



100startup.jpegThe $100 Startup, though not a christian book, is a fascinating read on how you can take a simple idea, and turn it into something you can make a living from. I’m not looking to strike it rich, but there are some great stories to draw from!