New Ideas, Friends, and Potatos

As the weekend begins I reflect back on this week. It’s been a roller coaster for me. From wrestling with sin, to enjoying God, it’s been very up and down. On top of that I told my boss I’m planning on starting my own landscaping business (more of that in later posts).

So a lot has been resolved in my heart, a lot is being worked on in my heart as well.

This week has consisted of a sweet time of worship on Thursday night with friends from our church. Singing and sharing how God’s working. We discussed missions, God’s work in our own church, and heartbreaking loss for one of the families. But this is what the church is for!

Then Friday was work as usual, until i told my boss about the business idea, to which he was surprisingly supportive. It was nerve-wracking, but it took a weight off my shoulders telling him. I’m really glad that I’m finally going out on my own. I think God’s built my heart for entrepreneurship, so it feels like I’m finally moving in the right

My wife, Rachel left Friday for her women’s retreat, so I’m all alone for a couple of days, though she’ll be back late tonight (Saturday).

Later that yesterday (friday) evening i finally forced myself to go biking, something i really want to start doing on a regular basis.┬áDuring that ride I received a text from some friends (one of whom’s wife was on the retreat as well) inviting me for dinner. I drove over and we had a great time playing three guitars on the porch, trying to figure out what sounded good. After dinner and ice cream, we spent about 40 minutes attempting to get a fire going in the backyard pit, which we eventually succeeded at.

I’m not particularly looking forward to tonight. I close on saturday nights, so I’m always tired Sunday morning and it’s just a hard shift to lead anyhow. But i’m looking forward to sunday morning! After church we’re doing a potato bar raising funds for our teens for student life camp this summer. It should be a good time!

Monday will be a day of working on my business idea. Brainstorming with other small business owners, and starting to get a tangible idea of how and when to start.

Until then, I’m a bit lonely without my wife. But God is with me and He’s reminding me today of His Grace and love for me despite me! So I’m trying to rest in that and not be anxious with the idea of new, scary things.

I know this post has been much more random than usual, but it’s what I’m thinking about this morning.


Update On Life #1

I want to firstly apologize that I haven’t made a post in quite awhile. The reason being would be that I have the greatest writers block of all – lack of time. Though that excuse (at least in my head) doesn’t hold water for long, as I’m reminded that Albert Einstein, John MacArthur, Al Mohler, and many others have the same 24 hours that I do.

All excuses aside, life has been a bit crazy with our (my wife and I’s) schedule being filled from 6am to 8pm some nights. It’s been a bit overwhelming at times, but we’re doing what we love.

I work in many different places, firstly for my local hardware store part time, and the rest of the time I work for myself and VT Branch company. The pay is good, so I’m very thankful for the funds to do things other than “get by” (i.e. go on a date). Though we are “getting by” we are living well and budgeting wisely I think. Money is so much less overwhelming when you write down where each bit of your paycheck goes! Anyways, I’m thankful for organization.

My wife is working part time at our local general store, I’m still baffled by her desire to work. I wake up and I don’t get excited about working, but somehow She does! I’m almost fully convinced she has the gift of contentedness. Her example of working hard (and being willing and driven) is very humbling to me, as it shows me where I’m weak and need to grow. She’s also the local librarian. Though the building is only open twice a week, she still enjoys it.

In other news…

Youth Ministry is in full swing! Our first Teen group had over 30 teens, and the next two we’re close to the same as well! It’s been really cool seeing God work through the teachers and leaders to get those teens┬áthinking on some extremely important things.

An update on this week for me is that i’ll hopefully be playing dodge-ball Wednesday (tomorrow) night. So here’s hoping I own them all. Just kidding, only a few. I’ll try my hardest anywho.

Anyways thanks for reading, make sure to follow to get more updates and more posts on everything pertaining to life and Christ!

In Christ,