I’m currently reading a book recommended to me by a friend titled, “Am I Called?” it’s all about considering your calling, but specifically the pastoral calling. Wherever God is taking and calling me to, one of the book’s chapters stuck out to me in a powerful way.

The “Gospel” is almost an innocuous thought to us sometimes, meaning we tend to think “gospel” and then think of a prior decision we made, a thing the pastor shared at church, or maybe even Billy Graham. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but weightiness doesn’t immediately press on my soul the moment I think or hear the word of “Gospel”.

gospel 1The main idea is this: If the gospel disappeared, would your life change? Would mine? Is the gospel so central to our being that if it were to become non-existent we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves? As the book stated, many “Christians” in ministry would still have their jobs if this were so. And that is a very sad reality indeed.

We need to be gospel-driven in every area of our lives, we need to preach it to ourselves daily, and we must remember what Christ has accomplished then and now for our lives to be transformed. Don’t treat the gospel as a card you signed as gospel 2your ticket to heaven, but rather treat it as God’s provision throughout your life to conform you into the likeness of Christ. (Romans 8:29-30)

I know this was short, but it’s something I’m learning a lot about lately. Thanks for reading!