Writing a More Effective Blog

I’m finding that as I write more, the more I realize how easy it is to just write about anything and everything and forget the purpose of this blog. Namely to help people pursue Jesus better, to have better theology, and to have better marriages as a result.

So I’ve finally figured out some general categories that i will be starting to post in:

      1. Life’s Pursuit

Life’s Pursuit will be a retelling of the past week (or month) of my life and what God has been teaching me through it. It will be filled with struggles, great times, ministry updates, work updates, etc. Why call it “Life’s Pursuit”? Well, because the Christian life isn’t just lived two hours on Sunday. It’s pursuing Jesus in the midst of all of life.

    2. Marriage

There’s no catchy name for this category of post. Just like it sounds, marriage! It could be what I’m learning in marriage, or something iv’e learned and want to pass to my two readers. Whether how to handle money together, or how not to say things, it will be a fun time writing!

3. Theology 

Having good Theology is something I’m very passionate about. As the great Dr. James White has coined “Theology matters”. And this is why I love writing about it, it effects every area of our lives. Our marriages, how we view God, how we view nature, how we view ethics, etc. Theology touches every single person on this planet because like Romans 1 says, they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. So theology tells us about literally everything.

Anyhow, this is how I’m going to segment each post each week. Keep a lookout!

Work and Ministry Update (April 2016)

As of now, I’m currently working full time for an. animal feed company by the name of New Country Organics. I mentioned in another post about it, but now it’s in full swing.

My responsibilities include delivering feed all around Virginia from tuesday-thursday and on the other days I’m either packing orders or packaging feed. All in all, I do enjoy it. It’s not my dream job by any stretch but it’s certainly not a bad one! The people I work with are generally nice and hard working, save maybe a couple.

I’m definitely looking forward to being alone on the road as a time of prayer (eyes open!) and sermon listening!

On the ministry end of things my wife and I are quite busy! Wednesday nights are “breakpoint”, otherwise knows as youth group. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the youth and have found it to be quite a growing experience to build relationships from scratch. As Christians I think we get far too comfortable in our cliques, so this has been a generally positive experience for the both of us.

On Thursday nights we spend the evening fellowshipping over dinner. We sing and pray with a few other people from our church. This has been very challenging in a lot of ways because, as I said before, building brand new relationships (especially praying with new friends!) can be uncomfortable. But there really is nothing like singing ” good good father” in a living room amongst other believers. It can’t be beat.

And lastly on Sunday mornings we spend on the worship team and my wife sings in the choir. I’ve found I enjoy playing bass more than guitar, but it’s still fun either way. My wife also plays the flute quite wonderfully and many people have been edified by her talent.

Sunday evening is student lifegroup. It’s sort of a more intense youth group, with added small groups at the end for accountability and encouragement.

As of now, that’s what we’ve been up to for the most part, be praying for us as we move forward in life and marriage and seek what God may have for us!

A Great Snowfall

This morning consisted of waking up (after a long night of Netflix with my wife) to around two feet of snow on the ground. As someone winter-654442_1920.jpgoriginally from Vermont, now in Virginia, this actually comes as a pleasant “surprise” coating the world with a clean white covering that makes everything feel fresh and new.

After breakfast we went to dig my car out, which was conveniently blocked by around four feet of plow-compacted snow.

As much as my Subaru has been a handful at times, I’m certainly grateful for the all-wheel-drive system. After we cleared the snow she pulled out quite nicely.

I then commenced to drive over to Home Depot and tested my emergency brake in the parking lot just to “make sure it worked”. After my brief fun I purchased a shovel and scraper and my wife and I helped out a young lady who didn’t have a shovel. She wasn’t there to witness our help, but we were grateful to be able to help either way.

Because we’re temporarily at an apartment complex, everyone was out shoveling. So it felt a lot like one big community effort to get rid of the snow. We stayed out shoveling until about noon and went in for some lunch.

After eating, we drove over to our IMG_20160124_132357.jpgstorage unit (which of course wasn’t plowed, pictured) to grab my work boots for my first day on Monday. We then went back to Home Depot to pick up some gloves and sun/safety glasses to prepare for work.

At three we headed over to the apartment clubhouse where we played some pool and watched the AFC championship game (yeah, Broncos!).

Now I’m nervously anticipating the first day at my new job. I’m not even nervous about the work. I’ll enjoy maintenance and construction, It’s just that I have no idea what to expect or what I can look forward to.

I’m sure we can all relate to pre-job anxiety, but I know that God will provide what I need to be content in all circumstances. I’ll be sure to update you all this Tuesday on my experience and impressions!

How much snow did you get?


A Job, a Church, and a Possible Apartment!

I went for a job interview yesterday for a construction company. Things went pretty well and I got a call-back that afternoon letting me know i was hired and to come and get forms to fill out. So i drove back and got everything i needed. I start Monday!

Rachel is still looking for work, she’s applied to Target and tax-468440_1920.jpgPetco as of today, so hopefully we’ll get a hit on that soon.

Our car is going to be (finally) done getting fixed and inspected, so it’ll be great to have a vehicle again!

Besides filling out pages and pages of paperwork (and of course gathering our tax information from VT and PA) we’ve been looking into an apartment nearby.

It’s a nice little place, I’ll be submitting our application today due to me finding a job. So that’s exciting! If we manage to get it, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Also, we’ve found a nice Church in a nearby town. It’s a biblical Baptist Church called “Ridgeview Baptist”. The doctrine is solid and leadership welcomed us with genuine interest. So we’re thinking this may be our Church!

summit-cross-225578_1920.jpgIt’s quite scary to start a new life in a new area, but I know God will work in our lives and hearts and show us what we’re passionate about and hopefully after we pay off this student loan debt, we’ll pursue what God has for us vocationally.

For now, we’ll do our best to Glorify God right where we are, and see what He does with it.

Two Ways We View Gender Roles

As a Christian who’s married, I see the extreme importance of gender roles and understanding them. Obviously I come at this issue from a Christian perspective, myself being a complimentarian.

So what is a complimentarian? In my marriage it means that my wife and i have distinct roles we play that are equal but different from one another. For instance I believe biblically Elders are to be men. Women are certainly able and in many (if not most!) cases more gifted then men, but God specifically highlights that men are who are to be elders in the church and primary leaders in the home.

This view of course does not give men the permission to be harsh with their wives because of some misguided power-trip (Col 3:19). This means they lay down their lives in loving, leading service to their wives and children. In the same way this doesn’t mean women are worthless “kitchen-workers”,  but rather they hold the incredibly valuable role of wife and discipler of her children.

Also, this doesn’t mean women aren’t gifted by the Holy Spirit in the area of discipleship, leadership, and teaching. In contrast God used and uses women to reach the world for Jesus Christ and to disciple other women who are already in Christ!

So, don’t say that i as a complimentarian have a low view of women. I married one, and she’s fantastic.

Another view point held by some Christians is the “Egalitarian” viewpoint. From my experience, this view says men and women have equal responsibilities and roles. Men don’t necessarily hold the burden of leading and making the final decision on things, and in some cases women may lead as elders.

Now, I don’t have personal experience with this point of view or with a church that holds to it. To be fair, if you’re interested in some “misconceptions” on this view, see this link for details.

[DISCLAIMER I by no means recommend or endorse RHE and obviously, if you read the article, come to different conclusions on gender roles.]

Anyhow, these are two “sub” worldviews that fall within scripture. Obviously not a salvific issue, but certainly an extremely important one if we wish our homes and marriages to be run Biblically.

So what side do you fall on? Complimentarian? Egalitarian? A little of both?

I’d love to see some comments! Thanks for reading!

Married For a Year!

Of course I mean married for a year and counting, not married for a year and done. Definitely in it for life!

untitled (22 of 445)

Pictured above is my wife and I under the tree where we got engaged, I made a scavenger hunt that led to under that tree where the ring! But that feels like forever ago…

This certainly isn’t exhaustive but a few things Jesus has taught me through this year are these:

  1. Listen even when you “know” you’re right.
    -Don’t ever let pride get in the way of listening to her. She needs to be heard and genuinely listened to whether she’s right or wrong.
  2. Let her drive sometimes.
    -As “the man” i like to drive- a lot. And for a while i thought i knew the only way to drive, the only way to steer, brake, etc. Though all those things were well and good, I can be a bit of a push-over and insist my style of driving is superior, leaving my wife feeling nervous whenever she’s driving. So, what I’ve learned is to loosen up and realize preference is just that: preference. (this has applied a myriad of other things)
  3. Find a strength that’s her weakness and vice-versa.
    -Finding something that one of you can do well and the other can’t can be a great (and humbling) learning experience!
  4. Spend time with Jesus .
    -This is one is the most important. Taking the time during the day to sit down, put the phone on airplane mode (BIG struggle for me, no sarcasm there), and dig into God’s Word is the most important way to love your husband or wife. I could write a ton about this one, but in short: When Christ is filling you with His love and truth it will pour into your spouse.
  5. Laugh.
    -No explanation necessary. Just laugh. Together.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to update more on life and marriage and this upcoming year! Also I’ll be the photographer for River of Life and will be posting camp updates and fun throughout the summer!

The Newlyweds Finally Get an Apartment

Here are a few photos of Rachel and I’s new apartment! So thankful for a place to call “ours”.

Have you had a crazy newlywed adventure? Comment below!