The Plan For a New Beginning

I mentioned in my last post that I had a business idea in the making. One week in and it’s very much on it’s way!

I decided to pursue landscaping as a startup business idea. The whole purpose is to give me something physical to do, while also creating some better income and freedom to do more things that i love. I’m hoping this will help to enable us to be more flexible in serving at our church, doing more of what we love together (music, serving, etc) and it will (if it goes as planned) replace and provide a greater income than present.field-175959_1920.jpg

I’ve always loved the idea of entrepreneurship but never had the guts to cast off my fear and pursue a career “on my own”. But now, it’s pretty official. My bosses know, my church knows, my friends know, and I’ve posted publicly on  Facebook. So essentially I’ve given myself no wiggle room for not doing this. It’s gonna happen.

So, you say, what’s the plan?

My first goal is complete. Be open with my intentions and start moving forward. Done.

My second goal is to create a one-page business plan of what I will offer, how much to charge, and what investments need to be made. That is finished.

My third goal is to purchase the equipment and launch my internet presence. Also, I’m doing some free work to provide me with some positive feedback for the online presence. There’s virtually no landscape company in my area that’s capitalizing on this. This is what I’m doing right now. I’m purchasing the mower today and many of the hand tools needed. I will also hopefully have a job on Monday for some leaf blowing and hedge trimming!

The fourth and final goal is to get the physical name out. I’ll purchase shirts, business cards, flyers, lawn signs, car magnets and start hustling like a mad man to get quotes and get working on mondays, saturday mornings, and evenings.

Iv’e calculated i need 15 hours of work per week to replace my current income. I’m hoping and praying that God will provide the work quickly so it’s not a long dragged out ordeal. But I’m trying to trust in His timing.

Anyways, i have to go get that mower and a whole lot of other stuff!

A Man Without Community

As each day went by this week I’ve been continuing my trek through the Bible chronologically each morning. I wake up, eat breakfast, sip on some coffee, and do my best to dig into God’s word. The typical distractions of a smartphone and news feeds attempt to divert my attention, and they do succeed some of the time. It’s helped me immensely to just leave the phone in another room. But that’s just me.

Anyhow after getting through a portion of Genesis the plan then skips over to a book called Job wherein we find a man (named Job) who had life by the horns, quite literally. He had 500 yoke of oxen after all.

Reading a chapter of Job every morning has led me to some conclusions:

  1. Job had a great life
  2. He then lost every earthly thing
  3. His community of “friends” didn’t make it any better
  4. God was still glorified in it

Job had a great life by any standard. He had a thriving farm, a wife, and some kids. tree-648788.jpgBut it didn’t stay that way. Men stole his oxen and murdered his servants and a storm felled the place where his children were. His life quickly unraveled before his eyes. His wealth, his children, and soon his health were all taken as a test to show Jobs unwavering devotion to God.

Right where I am in my reading is where his “friends” chime in to say their peace in this situation. In chapter eight, Bildad pleads with Job to repent and ask God for mercy, to which Job replies in chapter nine that he is in the right, he hasn’t sinned in this situation.

His other jovial companions, Eliphaz and Zophar mock Job’s words. And still Job clings to the truth that he is in that situation not because of his sin, but because of God’s sovereign plan.

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Imagine being personally blamed for the death of your children and the loss of all your earthly possessions! I can’t imagine the deep sadness and temptation to despair. His solace was knowing that God was in control and God had a plan he was working for good. Job didn’t have Romans 8:28 as we do, but he lived it out far better than many of us ever will.

In these first chapters it’s amazing that we don’t see an account of genuine friends encouraging Job and helping him. It seems his pool of friends were a bit shallow.

This makes me immensely thankful for the community of believers called the Church. As Gods people we are called to help those in need, clothe the naked and feed the hungry. Job didn’t have that. He was scraping his skin with clay pots for relief.

If you still don’t have many close christian friends, hope in Christ. Seek community in the local Church. You’ll find it’s an indispensable privilege we take for granted so much.

We don’t have to go through life’s hardships alone as Job did. Job didn’t have the Church, but we do. Take advantage and get plugged in.




As My Plans Unfold

I have so much in my life i like to schedule, plan, and put into action. But these last few weeks have reminded me that despite my want for control and stability in my life, God has his sovereign hand on my life.

A couple weeks ago we were looking for jobs and had also found a nice little apartment that looked promising. notes-514998_1920.jpgThe only problem was we didn’t have jobs at the time so we obviously wouldn’t be accept
ed for a lease.

Despite that problem we asked for a showing just to see if we wanted it and it turned out to be what we were looking for. It had one bed, one bath, and a small kitchen and dining area (and of course a driveway for my various auto endeavors).

We left hopeful but ultimately disheartened knowing we couldn’t live there until we had jobs. Then I got a call.

After rejecting a job offer that was good pay but very short term (three weeks) I got a call in a next few days asking for an interview. I went over and did the usual “tell me about yourself” dialogue and left. I thought it went well.

That afternoon they called and said they’d like me to start that Monday!

During this time we had been checking that apartment to make sure it was still available and it turned out that the price had gone down $50 per month!

So God specifically didn’t give me a job (for around a month!) just so we would secure the apartment we’re now living in at a lowed price then we were originally going to pay.

Proverbs 19:21 rings in my head reminding me that I take many steps forward, but God is ultimately leading them.

Though I know God isn’t always clear with why He does things, I know that He will always do them for our good and His Glory.

A Job, a Church, and a Possible Apartment!

I went for a job interview yesterday for a construction company. Things went pretty well and I got a call-back that afternoon letting me know i was hired and to come and get forms to fill out. So i drove back and got everything i needed. I start Monday!

Rachel is still looking for work, she’s applied to Target and tax-468440_1920.jpgPetco as of today, so hopefully we’ll get a hit on that soon.

Our car is going to be (finally) done getting fixed and inspected, so it’ll be great to have a vehicle again!

Besides filling out pages and pages of paperwork (and of course gathering our tax information from VT and PA) we’ve been looking into an apartment nearby.

It’s a nice little place, I’ll be submitting our application today due to me finding a job. So that’s exciting! If we manage to get it, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Also, we’ve found a nice Church in a nearby town. It’s a biblical Baptist Church called “Ridgeview Baptist”. The doctrine is solid and leadership welcomed us with genuine interest. So we’re thinking this may be our Church!

summit-cross-225578_1920.jpgIt’s quite scary to start a new life in a new area, but I know God will work in our lives and hearts and show us what we’re passionate about and hopefully after we pay off this student loan debt, we’ll pursue what God has for us vocationally.

For now, we’ll do our best to Glorify God right where we are, and see what He does with it.

What I’d Love to Do

As the weeks go on I get a little discouraged about the hunt for a job for many different reasons.

Firstly because it takes forever for people to get back to you. Even after an interview there’s over a week layover time for a response. I know this is how it goes, but it can be a restless experience to say the least.

The second reason being locality. We certainly chose to be down here in Virginia. But back in Vermont I could make a couple calls and get side work or full-time work if i really needed it. tool-384740_1920.jpgI had many connections in that small world.

Third reason being pay. We can live off minimum wage if both of us work full time. That’s not the issue. It’s more that we have skills in certain areas but don’t know people here so we settle for something we may not be interested in or skilled in. We will do what needs to be done, but this is certainly a draw-back.

Fourth and last reason, flexibility. I would consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I love to make something profitable and expand it in an honest way. I did this back in Vermont with a landscaping business and an Etsy shop. I worked odd jobs around the area and it all added up and payed the bills.

Some wouldn’t like this “insecure” type of work, but i thrived on it. I love to make my own schedule to be able to do the things i love. I loved to create new products that are useful. If i had a workshop, i would certainly start those things up again, and maybe i will soon!

Anyhow, this is just me. There’s nothing wrong with a “normal” job, we need jobs and we need people to work them. I’m just putting forward my heart and preference when it comes to work.

Anyways, in any work, we must “work heartily as for the Lord and not for men” (Col 3:23). This applies to every job, both self-made and hired into.

Thanks for reading!

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