Motivation For Sharing the Truth

As a preface to this post I’d like to make note of my firm belief in God’s complete sovereignty over salvation and the means of drawing people to himself (Romans 9, Ephesians 1). In said means there are believers like you and I called to make disciples of all nations, which includes both preaching the gospel and discipling them after salvation. I’m delving into one of those means today: Motivation for our evangelism.

I’ve always felt that there needs to be a more complete motivation when we share the gospel. I don’t think it helps our confidence or our witness to share the gospel strictly because of guilt. Though guilt can spur us to go and do something, it can’t be our only motivation.

I think it goes back to what we’re sharing. We’re sharing the gospel, the call to man everywhere to repent of their sins and trust in Christ alone for salvation. That’s huge! It’s the greatest possible thing to tell anyone. And I think that’s where we disconnect. We think this really is good news, but we’ll tell people because it makes our guilty consciences feel better.

And that’s how I feel a lot. I feel like sharing the gospel is a Christian chore rather than a glorious privilege. And i know that’s my flesh talking.meeting-1293980_1280.png

I see in my own life that when I feel guilt as my motivations for sharing the gospel, it feels superficial and uncaring. I want to tell people to make me feel better, not for the regeneration of someone’s soul. My own selfishness makes me blurt out some short incomplete gospel snippet and then walk away thinking I smugly met
some evangelism quota for that day.

The only remedy I’ve seen in my life is to have complete satisfaction in God himself. To be so wrapped up in a longing to serve and please him that you can’t help but overflow your greatest passion into your conversations. Which I think is what Paul did. He was so completely sold out for Christ that he couldn’t help but share his greatest love with everyone he met!

When’s the last time you mentioned something you enjoy to a non-believer? Maybe your love for cars, music, or a sports team. C.S. Lewis has said (paraphrased), you complete your enjoyment by sharing it with someone. So in the same way that you “evangelize” your favorite sports team or your favorite artist by telling people about them, we complete our love for Christ by overflowing it into everyone around us. And that’s when genuine gospel presentation is found. We want others to experience the beauty of God too!


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