A March For Life

This morning marked the annual Comfort Care Women’s Health stride for life. This remarkable ministry provides crisis pregnancy help for women and girls in need. 13174153_10157009208940096_6174230335830541353_n.jpgMany of the local churches in our area raised money and marched around Waynesboro as a way to support Comfort Care.

Because of the continued support of people and local churches, they’ve reported that the abortion rate in our area has gone down, praise the Lord!

I see Comfort Care as an answer to the question of how to help women and girls who don’t know what to do when they find out their pregnant. Just letting them know that there are options and that there are people who care for them provides a beautiful stage to present the gospel to a soul desperately needing hope.

As I looked around and saw pregnant women and little babies involved in the march (or some “strolling” in their strollers) my heart was deeply saddened thinking of how many have been lost in this great unborn holocaust.

Though public opinion will most likely continue to devolve, I’m encouraged knowing that at least one life (and many more!) have been saved by God’s grace through this ministry. My wife and I will continue to find ways to serve and hope to see God continue to work!

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