Where Am I Called?

The question of calling is something i wrestle with on a daily basis. Though I’m still quite young, I find myself stressing over where and what God is calling me to. For instance, am I called to where I am now, or am I called to somewhere else?  Or should I ditch that line of thinking entirely and just do something, hoping something will come out of it? Either way, this deep uncertainty is something that’s been heavy upon my soul.roadway-1081736.jpg

The first two things I know God has for us is to pay off debt and serve our Church (the latter will be a never-ending calling according to scripture!). What happens after gets a little foggier. For instance I’m considering doing online schooling for ministry training, but my only reservation is I don’t know in what capacity of ministry I would be best to serve in. All I know is I want to faithfully serve a local Church until the day I die, whether vocationally or layperson.

Along with uncertainties about my lifelong vocation, I’m uncertain about where that will be fleshed out. Will it be where I am now? Somewhere else? I do feel a certain pull towards somewhere in this moment, but discerning whether it’s the “right” way is the difficult part.

Amidst uncertainties, my greatest comfort is God’s perfect sovereignty. He does have me right where I am for a reason, I may never know that reason, but according to Romans 8, there is one. Whether I make the “right” or “wrong” decision, God will be working in it for my good and His Glory.


2 thoughts on “Where Am I Called?

  1. In HIS time, God will reveal to you exactly what He wants and you will know it is His voice. Do today what you know to do. Whatever ministry He wants you in, many basic courses will be needed. I hope you have started on them. Live each day for the Lord and don’t worry about tomorrow or next year. I firmly believe God is faithful to reveal His will – but usually not until the last minute!

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