Faithful at Work, Faithful in Ministry

Work and Ministry are much more connected than they appear. Colossians 3:23 tells us that when we work, we should work heartily not for men, but for God.

I’ve been thinking on this topic a lot. I have this temptation in my head to think that somehow my working a “normal” job is somehow less worshipful than being say, a pastor. According to 1st tools-498202.jpgCorinthians 10:31, this thinking is wrong. If you can eat or drink (within biblical guidelines) to God’s glory, then you can certainly be a driver, an auto mechanic, graphic designer, etc. to the Glory of God! This should come as a deep peace to us who work “secular jobs”.

Though I may pursue a ministry vocation in the future, I’m reminded that if I don’t glorify God in the daily grind of secular work, then I will certainly struggle to glorify him in a ministry setting. I know this first hand. There were times when I would have a rotten attitude about work, and then that evening during youth ministry, I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t serve the teens in the way that I should’ve.

Sometimes I imagine myself serving in a vocational ministry position, but in a lot of ways my view of it is wrong. There will be struggle, there will be temptation, there will be hurt. This is a fallen world, and Christ has called both “secular” and “sacred” workers to be “in the world and not of it”.

Of course, based on the aforementioned verses, jobs are neither sacred nor secular. This means God can and should be glorified in your normal job just as if you were directly working for your local church.

For me this is fleshed out in a few practical ways. Firstly, I try to work at work. Get there on time, work hard, pay attention. God is glorified when you are a valuable member of a team. If you’re working hard, you are valuable. Another way is being open about what I believe. This is a bit harder because of the more secular environment (though there are two believers I work with which im very grateful for). This means sharing the gospel (which i certainly struggle with), answering questions, steering conversations to spiritual things, etc.

So as you go back to work this week, be encouraged that God is glorified in your hard work. He sees it, He appreciates it even when your boss won’t. And who knows, you might be the only light shining to all the unbelievers there!

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