Reading Scripture Feels Like Life

I wish i could say I’m always exceedingly excited each morning to read my Bible. But I’m not. I’m excited that God will somehow use it, but sometimes I don’t see God’s purpose behind it. Reading the Bible doesn’t always feel as clear and personal as it should.

When David didn’t understand what he was going through, He literally had to tell himself to hope in God. Trust in God. Rely on God. He didn’t see God in his suffering in Psalm 43:5 and in turn lost his hope. He had to cry out to his own soul to hope in God, for he would praise him again. But in that moment, he felt distant and without hope. bible-1021657_1920.jpgHe didn’t see what God was doing.

In the same way there are seasons in each of our lives where we may be reading through a book that we particularly resonate with, for me it’s Romans. Many other times we may be reading elsewhere and it becomes more difficult (though not impossible) to see God’s purpose and how it relates to ourselves as a believers. In my chronological trek through scripture I just read near the end of Genesis 19 where some pretty terrible things occurred. How can God have a purpose through such terrible things?

As i reflected on this it made me think of our lives as a whole.
There are ups and downs, mountains and valleys, times where we have a clear purpose and times where we feel that we’re getting nowhere. It’s a lot like our daily time with God. We’re building a relationship.

Relationships require work, and for example as a husband, I do genuinely want to love and cherish my wife. But many times it doesn’t come easily, so I have to remind myself of my commitment and devotion and pray for guidance and a
new-found desire to serve her.

In the same way when we spend time with God in his word we have to remind ourselves during those valley moments that God is at work in even the most obscure and seemingly unclear passages. We need to be praying that the Holy Spirit ignite a desire for His word even through those more boring or difficult moments.

Sometimes it’s a self-inflicted season of discouragement. We may be giving in to a particular sin and the Holy Spirit is grieved and as such we don’t get as much clarity and depth as we usually do in our devotions. I’ve personally seen this manifested in many ways.

2nd Timothy 3:16 reminds us that all scripture is God-breathed. Literally directly from God. All of it is useful for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. God has a purpose for every word in scripture. So when we read something that doesn’t seem very meaningful, we must remind ourselves that God is at work in this text. So take heart, If God can work through an unclear verse, He can work in your life’s seemingly “meaningless” moments too!


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