Rejected at the Polls

After work today I headed to pick up Rachel at her parent’s apartment clubhouse. We played a few games of pool (we won all but one) vote-1190034_1280.jpgand then headed out to the primary polls at our local library.

As I misread an arrow that clearly pointed in the other direction to polls (my wife politely corrected my trajectory) we headed in to vote.

I was extremely disheartened to find out that we couldn’t vote due to only have registered in our state in the last few weeks. It had to do with the computers not getting our names into the system yet.

However, I will say who we would’ve voted for and why.

carsonposing.jpgDr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon had our vote. We find him to be an incredibly respectable person and holds to Christian values in many of the ways we do.

Though I’m certainly not looking for a Theocracy, I find someone who is a self-proclaimed Christian (and seems genuine) that holds Biblical values on Life and Liberty and respects our constitution to be very attractive as a candidate.

To those who think of him as someone who is too “nice” or too “quiet” I remind them to watch the debates where he proves to be the most respectful candidate in answering questions and respecting other candidates. The idea that being quiet and respectful is a bad trait in a president is beyond me. No mudslinging there.

And yes, I’ve looked at more than just personality. The fact that he has operated on children still inside the womb tells me that his Pro-Life view is backed by personal practice and personal conviction. That’s just one example.

Anyhow, as of now the polls in my state are almost closed, but i’d still suggest you go watch the Town Hall event where they took individual candidates rather than all of them.

Either way, God is in control and He will have whom he wills.



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