Unborn Life Is Not Political

As the presidential race marches forward iv’e been struck by some of my Christian friends interested in a candidate who is pro-choice (or how i like to put it, Pro-Murder).baby-933097_1920.jpg

This post isn’t about an argument for non-believers for the pro-life argument. Rather, i’m putting forward thoughts and making some logical reasoning’s why Christians should be discerning on the issue that is not a political issue. Life of the unborn is a Biblical issue.

As Christians, most if not all genuine believers believe life begins at conception and the murdering of life that’s made in the image of God (Gen 1:27) is sinful. This applies to murdering an unborn child, a two year-old, a 14 year-old, and a 95 year-old. If we’re not in agreement on that, than shut off your computer and go read Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:13.

What I don’t understand are professing Christians who support a candidate who they believe actually advocates the murder of children.

Think of it like this. If your candidate strongly supported the rights of women to murder their two year-olds at special clinics when life got difficult, you probably wouldn’t vote for them. That’s murder after all, right?

So why would Christians vote for someone that does the same thing in a different form? Two year olds can at least run away, but the unborn are helpless.

You should think, study, and pray deeply before considering a vote for someone who is pro murder, whether they call it that or not. Because this is not a light thing, and we should never take it lightly.

Just some of my thoughts. I have a lot more I could add, but this has been on my heart lately.




4 thoughts on “Unborn Life Is Not Political

  1. Hi Nolan, I wrote a little bit on my blog naturalearthfarm.net/blog about why I support Bernie Sanders:) I miss you so much and love you, Mom

  2. I would suggest that if you wish to publish posts espousing views such as the ones in this particular article, it is essential that your spelling, grammar and syntax are beyond reproach.

    If a post criticising those who are in support of women’s rights is riddled with incorrect word usage, poor grammar and badly constructed sentences, you run the risk of having your views discounted as those of an poorly educated zealot, and largely ignored. You have the right to publish your opinions in whatever format you wish, but if you want people to take your thoughts seriously, especially when they will appear to many to be antiquated, then you need to make sure they are phrased professionally, accurately and in an intelligent manner.

    I hope you take this comment in the manner in which I intend it, as a suggestion for ways in which you can better the chances of your voice being heard, rather than a criticism of your views.

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