Hardships Have Purpose

I so often find myself overthinking rather than praying. I think that I trust God, but then some circumstance pops up and I instantly run to my own reason, my own wisdom, my own self.

Dependence on God is something that doesn’t come easily. I tend to think of myself as the fichtelberg-1048982_1920.jpgdo it yourself, entrepreneur type person. And though I do do those things somewhat well, I sometimes forgot who’s really on the throne.

Instead of opening scripture to see Christ, I think too much. Instead of marinating in what God has already said, I dwell on my fallen intellect.

As I was pondering one circumstance in my life on my drive home from work today I was listening to “Just be Held” by Casting Crowns. The lyric that always hits me is “your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place”.

Really? This is actually part of a plan?

But it’s the truth, God created the universe with a purpose. He doesn’t throw things at me without a purpose. Life’s hardships aren’t senseless, meaningless, or unknown to God. He knows, and He will love you through it for His glory and our good.

That’s hard for me to hold on to sometimes. But it’s true.

He doesn’t promise to make things “feel” good, but He does promise that everything will work out for good. And that’s all we can hold on to sometimes.




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