As My Plans Unfold

I have so much in my life i like to schedule, plan, and put into action. But these last few weeks have reminded me that despite my want for control and stability in my life, God has his sovereign hand on my life.

A couple weeks ago we were looking for jobs and had also found a nice little apartment that looked promising. notes-514998_1920.jpgThe only problem was we didn’t have jobs at the time so we obviously wouldn’t be accept
ed for a lease.

Despite that problem we asked for a showing just to see if we wanted it and it turned out to be what we were looking for. It had one bed, one bath, and a small kitchen and dining area (and of course a driveway for my various auto endeavors).

We left hopeful but ultimately disheartened knowing we couldn’t live there until we had jobs. Then I got a call.

After rejecting a job offer that was good pay but very short term (three weeks) I got a call in a next few days asking for an interview. I went over and did the usual “tell me about yourself” dialogue and left. I thought it went well.

That afternoon they called and said they’d like me to start that Monday!

During this time we had been checking that apartment to make sure it was still available and it turned out that the price had gone down $50 per month!

So God specifically didn’t give me a job (for around a month!) just so we would secure the apartment we’re now living in at a lowed price then we were originally going to pay.

Proverbs 19:21 rings in my head reminding me that I take many steps forward, but God is ultimately leading them.

Though I know God isn’t always clear with why He does things, I know that He will always do them for our good and His Glory.

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