Nature Is Not Your Church

As I drove home from work today, I was behind a allgau-63427_1920.jpgvehicle with many bumper stickers. One read “what would Buddha do” while another said “Nature is my Church“.

I want to zero in on the latter sticker. The phrase holds many misconceptions about what the Church is, or rather who the Church is.

Nature is certainly a beautiful thing and God’s word says that nature is pointing back to God in Romans 1:20. In fact, we are without excuse because of it’s beautiful masterful design!

I actually love fall leaves and beautiful freshly fallen snow and especially the mountains!

dawn-190055.jpgBut nature is not God. God created it as an arrow pointing back to Him, and many people have taken nature and made it point only back to itself. That is idolatry.

Nature can’t be your Church because a thing or a place isn’t a church. The Church isn’t a thing or a place. It is the body of believers in Christ. It’s not a building, it’s not a beautiful view, it’s all those in Christ.

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