Contentment Isn’t Found in Work

As I began my job this week, I was very restless and nervous about it. Mostly because of uncertainty. But as it seems to turn out, the people are generally nice and the work is pretty straight forward.

On top of that they seemingly want to teach meblueprint-964629_1920.jpg more
than just construction and maintenance grunt work. I’ll be learning blueprints and some construction engineering, of course while still doing some grunt work, gotta still be the new guy!

Anyhow, despite how everything goes, whether good or bad, God’s put on my heart Paul’s words in Philippians 4:11-12. Paul could be content in any situation. Not because of the situations he found himself in, but rather that he knew that no matter what he had Christ who would never leave him.

As I and many others go to work this year, we need to remember that what brings contentment isn’t based on our day, our job, or our income. It’s based on Christ and our joy found only in him.

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