A Job, a Church, and a Possible Apartment!

I went for a job interview yesterday for a construction company. Things went pretty well and I got a call-back that afternoon letting me know i was hired and to come and get forms to fill out. So i drove back and got everything i needed. I start Monday!

Rachel is still looking for work, she’s applied to Target and tax-468440_1920.jpgPetco as of today, so hopefully we’ll get a hit on that soon.

Our car is going to be (finally) done getting fixed and inspected, so it’ll be great to have a vehicle again!

Besides filling out pages and pages of paperwork (and of course gathering our tax information from VT and PA) we’ve been looking into an apartment nearby.

It’s a nice little place, I’ll be submitting our application today due to me finding a job. So that’s exciting! If we manage to get it, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Also, we’ve found a nice Church in a nearby town. It’s a biblical Baptist Church called “Ridgeview Baptist”. The doctrine is solid and leadership welcomed us with genuine interest. So we’re thinking this may be our Church!

summit-cross-225578_1920.jpgIt’s quite scary to start a new life in a new area, but I know God will work in our lives and hearts and show us what we’re passionate about and hopefully after we pay off this student loan debt, we’ll pursue what God has for us vocationally.

For now, we’ll do our best to Glorify God right where we are, and see what He does with it.

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