No Condemnation In Christ

When life changes and seasons begin and end, there’s a sense of insecurity that goes along with it. Though new adventures may be fun, they are to me often daunting.

As someone who doesn’t particularly take well to change, directory-235079.jpgI enjoy my routines and schedules. I like knowing what I’m doing and when to a certain extent. I guess i just like direction in my life.

As I’ve struggled with being overwhelmed and hopeless, I’m reminded in my study of Romans eight that there is no condemnation for me in Christ (Rom 8:1).

I have an anchor. I do have hope. I have something that will never change. God sees me through the lens of His Son, Jesus Christ. Through that lens I’m seen as spotless and my sin is imputed to Christ on the Cross.

Self-condemnation is certainly a struggle when you feel no life direction. I know first-hand. The only way to combat that is to stop seeing me the way I do.

I have to see myself in light of what Christ has done on the cross. And only then can I have peace knowing that God is pleased with me in Christ.

So when i feel overwhelmed, I have an advocate. When I struggle, God doesn’t condemn me. And this is true for everyone who is in Christ Jesus.


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