What I’d Love to Do

As the weeks go on I get a little discouraged about the hunt for a job for many different reasons.

Firstly because it takes forever for people to get back to you. Even after an interview there’s over a week layover time for a response. I know this is how it goes, but it can be a restless experience to say the least.

The second reason being locality. We certainly chose to be down here in Virginia. But back in Vermont I could make a couple calls and get side work or full-time work if i really needed it. tool-384740_1920.jpgI had many connections in that small world.

Third reason being pay. We can live off minimum wage if both of us work full time. That’s not the issue. It’s more that we have skills in certain areas but don’t know people here so we settle for something we may not be interested in or skilled in. We will do what needs to be done, but this is certainly a draw-back.

Fourth and last reason, flexibility. I would consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I love to make something profitable and expand it in an honest way. I did this back in Vermont with a landscaping business and an Etsy shop. I worked odd jobs around the area and it all added up and payed the bills.

Some wouldn’t like this “insecure” type of work, but i thrived on it. I love to make my own schedule to be able to do the things i love. I loved to create new products that are useful. If i had a workshop, i would certainly start those things up again, and maybe i will soon!

Anyhow, this is just me. There’s nothing wrong with a “normal” job, we need jobs and we need people to work them. I’m just putting forward my heart and preference when it comes to work.

Anyways, in any work, we must “work heartily as for the Lord and not for men” (Col 3:23). This applies to every job, both self-made and hired into.

Thanks for reading!

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