Forgiveness Is Now

As the new year has come around I’m currently working towards memorizing all of Romans 8. Whether that takes me all this year or a few more months.

I really don’t mind if it takes me that long. I just want to be able to quote it to myself and others at any given time. After all, the longer I meditate on it, the deeper it may soak. And in my experience, verses that take me a long time i tend to be able to recall much more vividly.

One way I process my thoughts is through writing. So i thought that as i work towards memorizing this beautiful passage, sharing what I’m learning from it will help concrete the words in my memory and their meanings in my heart.

“There is therefore now no condemnation…”

In the beginning of Romans 8 Paul makes a “therefore” statement. Why?

We need to look back at the context of Romans 7. winter-20234.jpgHe speaks of the law of sin and being released from the law. Paul struggles with wanting to do good, but seeing that evil is “always” close at hand.

With sin and the struggle constantly a reminder of his and our sinful state, the beginning of a new chapter powerfully shoots down many misunderstandings concerning the law.

But first look at the present tense. There is.

The reason this is huge is because it means that forgiveness for those in Christ is right now. Not later, not a year ago, but right now.

As the quote that’s been floating around says, “God doesn’t love a future version of you, he loves you right now”. This verse reminds us of this. God is pleased with us despite.

And God not condemning us isn’t even our doing! It’s Christ’s death on the cross that accomplished this. We didn’t earn this present tense forgiveness, it was given by God through Christ.

This personally reminds me of the radical nature of God’s forgiveness. God looked at Christ and saw my own filth on the Him. He then looks at me and sees Christ’s perfect righteousness. That’s radical. To my fallen mind that’s insane.

When’s the last time I treated someone with that radical Grace? (Eph 4:32)

Or maybe in better words, when’s the last time I really believed God looks upon me with that kind of Grace?

I think there’s a connection between the two.

Thanks for reading!

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