Being an Adult is Quite Complicated!

Many other people’s lives are obviously more complicated, more stressful, and overall more crazy than mine in many ways. Despite that, I still feel that these past few weeks have been crazy!

Despite that everything is going smoothly now, just dealing with becoming a Virginia resident has been an interesting topic to research. I did in fact find a very helpful website that informednotes-933111_1920.jpg me of all the documentation i needed to get my new license and registration.

One thing had me stuck for a little bit, I was very confused about whether i needed a vehicle inspection before or after i got it registered. It’s been worked out since then, but still a bit of a head scratcher for this newly 20 year-old!

Anyhow, tomorrow morning we will be closing our bank. That night we will get the last bit of our things packed (you know, bed, TV, and toothbrushes. the last things to go). Then Saturday morning we’ll God-willing get our U-haul truck and head to our new home-state, Virginia!

For this young married man, i wouldn’t mind a bit of peace from this craziness. We lived in Vermont this summer, Pennsylvania this fall, and this winter we’ll be in Virginia. Three States in three seasons.

I’m ready for a season that lasts a little longer. branch-437501_1920.jpg

And maybe a little snow would be nice, too.

But God has a plan that He will carry out in the craziness. I have plenty of plans, but God’s the one who’s in control (Prov 19:21).

If you’re reading this, be praying for saturday. That things would go smoothly and a safe trip for the both of us.

Thanks for reading!





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