The Longing For Home

This Thanksgiving, I feel something between nostalgia and hopefulness. It’s a strange mix of joy in what’s to come (family fellowship) but also of what’s ultimately to come.

As I sit here waiting to head down to VA to visit my wife’s family for thanksgiving, anxieties run through my head. What if we break? I’m missing some hours of work, and on the list goes.

These anxieties have seemed to have their way of overwhelming me, or rather iv’e allowed them to overwhelm me. With all the business in life, I remind myself that I must set my hope in Chstones-1014567_1920.jpgrist. The busyness of this life and the preoccupations of my mind will never satisfy that longing to be home with him.

And it’s at this time of year that I acutely feel my humanity. I feel my desperate longing for home.

And thanksgiving is a reminder of what home is: Safety, love, peace. All these things will be ours once we’re in heaven with Christ. Our joy will be made full and our faith shall be our sight.

So as I sit down and enjoy a great turkey dinner, I’m comforted and spurred on by the fact that one day all the busyness, pain, and anxieties of this life will be finished at the ultimate thanksgiving – The Marriage Supper of The Lamb.

Happy Thanksgiving



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