Two Ways We View Gender Roles

As a Christian who’s married, I see the extreme importance of gender roles and understanding them. Obviously I come at this issue from a Christian perspective, myself being a complimentarian.

So what is a complimentarian? In my marriage it means that my wife and i have distinct roles we play that are equal but different from one another. For instance I believe biblically Elders are to be men. Women are certainly able and in many (if not most!) cases more gifted then men, but God specifically highlights that men are who are to be elders in the church and primary leaders in the home.

This view of course does not give men the permission to be harsh with their wives because of some misguided power-trip (Col 3:19). This means they lay down their lives in loving, leading service to their wives and children. In the same way this doesn’t mean women are worthless “kitchen-workers”,  but rather they hold the incredibly valuable role of wife and discipler of her children.

Also, this doesn’t mean women aren’t gifted by the Holy Spirit in the area of discipleship, leadership, and teaching. In contrast God used and uses women to reach the world for Jesus Christ and to disciple other women who are already in Christ!

So, don’t say that i as a complimentarian have a low view of women. I married one, and she’s fantastic.

Another view point held by some Christians is the “Egalitarian” viewpoint. From my experience, this view says men and women have equal responsibilities and roles. Men don’t necessarily hold the burden of leading and making the final decision on things, and in some cases women may lead as elders.

Now, I don’t have personal experience with this point of view or with a church that holds to it. To be fair, if you’re interested in some “misconceptions” on this view, see this link for details.

[DISCLAIMER I by no means recommend or endorse RHE and obviously, if you read the article, come to different conclusions on gender roles.]

Anyhow, these are two “sub” worldviews that fall within scripture. Obviously not a salvific issue, but certainly an extremely important one if we wish our homes and marriages to be run Biblically.

So what side do you fall on? Complimentarian? Egalitarian? A little of both?

I’d love to see some comments! Thanks for reading!

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