Our Worldview In Suffering

Suffering is probably where our true beliefs and values come into light the most fully. The pain of death, the sting of defeat, and the hurt of loss all compel us to run to what or who we value most.

We see this in recent tragedies, with Paris and the following events we see many people crying out for some sort of “savior” whether it be God, guns, or pacifism.

When someone we know and love is hurt or worse, killed, we feel it deeply in our souls. I must admit with the recent attacks, i didn’t know anyone. So it didn’t “hit home” until i heard of a friends child who’s in critical condition earlier today.

This event reminded me of the fact that every single victim of this horrible attack had someone who cared about them, someone who loved them. Over 100 families are grieving for these people. My soul is heavy with one person in critical condition, I can’t imagine over 100 deaths.

I grieve based on scripture, but many grieve with thoughts of revenge and hatred, or depression and loneliness. Our core beliefs change how we view life. In the next post i’ll be talking about how my Biblical worldview affects how I think about life, death, and grieving. It will by no means do any justice to all issues, but it will hopefully help others understand that God is in control, He cares for us, and he will right the wrongs eventually.

We need to be praying. May Christ come soon.

2 thoughts on “Our Worldview In Suffering

  1. Delayed mourning and condolences are better than total absence of mourning and condolences. I was especially grieved deeply in my heart because I was thinking that the lives of many young adults were snuffed out. I pray fervently for the unsaved millennials in our extended family, and I have extended that invitation to the world because young people need massive and unceasing prayers. Christians cannot remain numb upon hearing of various atrocities inflicted upon this generation whether they live near us or beyond our borders. Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He wept over Lazarus. Who are we weeping over? Why are Christians too apathetic to pray for a grieving family whose child or children will never see them again? What excuse will we give to our Lord Jesus Christ when we give an account of our compassion and camaraderie to those beyond our nuclear family and our church family? What excuse will we give to Him for being too busy and too self-focused to pray for the salvation of unsaved neighbors and nations? When is the last time that we prayed that the Light of the world would invade the darkness of these (mostly) young, demon-influenced perpetrators and heartless murderers? I believe that every terrorist attack, drive-by shooting, massive murder, etc. is a call to action for every born-again believer who has been awakened to the Supremacy of Christ over all. Our God reigns!

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