How Worldview Affects Our Stuff

This is a tough one for me, I sometimes love stuff too much and God too little. What I mean by “stuff” is those things in our life that aren’t necessarily needs, but rather fun things we like to have.

Biblically speaking, it’s not wrong to have “stuff”. After all, most of us have a car with air conditioning, a house with a television, and other “things” we tend to not think too deeply about.

But the problem comes when our “stuff” starts to rule us, to control us.

This is partly a consumerism/materialism issue, but i’m more thinking practical applications for not making stuff an idol.

Now, not so good stuff tends to be stuff we “buy” but can’t afford, like that big screen TV that we have payments on, our brand new $100,000 Mercedes on a $30,000 income, and other like things. These things are neither helpful, nor are they wise.

The way worldview practically applies to this is that someone who leans toward a more naturalistic worldview would want more stuff for satisfaction, trying to get the next big thing to satisfy.

Whereas a Christian worldview sees “stuff” as a means to (hopefully) glorify God with.

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