A Barnes and Noble Worldview

Many of us Christians have visited the Barnes and Noble “Chrisbestsellers-67048_640tian” section. We go up or down the escalator only to find a myriad of books to choose from, some recognized, some not.

We peruse by the winning smile of Joel Osteen, only to read the book to find it somewhat depthly lacking. We then turn to a Bible, can’t really go wrong, God’s word in a nicely made package. We find many different thoughts on things like heaven, hell, gifts, life, marriage, the list goes on…

What strikes me about this section is the huge amount of Christian worldviews. Most authors in this section share a fundamental belief in scripture and (hopefully) hold to faith in Christ.

For example, we look at 2 different Christians, one parent who believes in spanking, the other does not. We find a writer telling us that health and wealth are found in scripture, while another author argues aberrantly against it. Another book tells us that true glorifying of Christ comes through enjoying him, whereas another says you must do these works to be saved.

Though im not saying these writers are all believers, I am saying that there are many worldviews sitting on that “Christian Living” section. My counsel would only be, buy that Bible if you haven’t already, and use that to sort through the rest.

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