The Worldview Of Fundamentalism (Part 1)

After a brief torturous excursion to the website of Westboro Baptist Church, a well-know hate-group that claims to believe in the scriptures, I am thoroughly saddened and somewhat amazed at how blind some people can be to the whole counsel of God.

According to my good friend Google, fundamentalism is defined as an ideaology: “that upholds belief in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture.”

A would somewhat disagree with this definition when it comhammer-802298es to religious groups. I think a better definition might be: “a religious group that holds to specific teachings about specific scriptures, ignoring all others in favor of them”.

Basically, only reading some of the Bible, not all of it.

This worldview is manifested in many ways, whether it’s a radical “church” like WBC, or some extremely lenient group that “strictly” holds to no restrictions. It goes either way. The only way we can discern is to ask God to give us eyes to read His word and to understand what he says.

And before I confuse anyone, I believe God is perfectly just, and I also believe He is perfectly loving. His word permits me to believe no less. I don’t fall on either end of the “spectrum”. I believe God’s word puts these things in perfect balance.

So what does the Bible have to say about Fundamentalism? You’ll have to come back tomorrow for Part 2!

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