The Worldview of Materialism (Part 2)

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So who is the only one that can fulfill our need to treasure something?

The answer? The ultimate treasure. And according to scripture, Christ is our ultimate treasure. He’s the only one who we can keep getting more of and never get let down by. Because Christ is infinite, we can never dry up the resource of his love for us. We keep seeking, and he keeps drawing closer (James 4:8).

When we pursue something material for ultimate pleasure, we get let dowbroken-72161n because that thing can’t do it. A new car can’t bring you ultimate pleasure because it’ll still leave you on the side of the road at some point in it’s life. It will break down. A better job can’t bring you ultimate joy because when you make earning money a priority, you’ll never make enough. You’ll always have to pursue something more. You can’t find it in a house because like the car, it will break down too. And we all know when the new iPhone comes out, just wait, another newer and better one will come out again next year!

I have personally struggled with this. I love my old Subaru Outback. At times I’ve idolized it’s practicality that when it breaks down, i feel devastated, i feel as if I’ve lost.

So friends, you’re not alone in stuff-centric america. I have temptations and struggles just like the next person. And i’m constantly striving toward loving Christ more than “things” and seeing Him for who He is: The ultimate treasure.

3 thoughts on “The Worldview of Materialism (Part 2)

  1. How gracious it is that God created us to treasure Christ above everything and everyone! These two articles clearly show us how man cannot live on man-made trinkets that soon break down, rust, and bring limited or pseudo satisfaction. Thank you for your extraordinary candid articles.

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