How Worldview Effects Marriage

Another School post!

Worldview effects marriage in a huge way. The way you view marriage will ultimately affect your marriage for better or worse. Most of us have a combination of good views and bad ones.

As someone who’s a Christians, I see marriage through a biblical lens. I view Biblical marriage as between one man and one woman for life. But this isn’t going to be a post debating these things. I’ll just be presenting why worldview will affect your marriage or future marriage.

Let’s imagine you were raised in a non-christian household, grew up a naturalist, had some morals, but generally took life as it came.

Let’s now imagine another person raised in a Christian household that upheld traditional marriage and saw scripture as the authority.

Now ask these 2 people the same question: What is marriage?

The first might say (and im probably generalizing so don’t quote me) that ring-260892_1280marriage is where two people commit to each other, but it’s not binding by any means. It’s also good to be a caring spouse, but you have to make sure both give 50% to make 100%. So both need to do their parts, and you can be in a happy relationship.

*(this is a very narrow answer, but i had to think of something)

A Christian would probably answer that marriage is a lifelong commitment where a man and woman pledge to love and serve each other no matter what. Even when one gives 0% the other will still give 100% (in a perfect world).

Though these are very general answers, i think it gets the point across that worldview will affect marriage one way or another.

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