Why I Trust The Bible

There are reasons, I think, for why we should trust the Bible. And one of them isn’t “blind” Faith.

What i mean when i say blind faith is a faith that won’t reason, won’t think, or won’t search scripture for validating evidences.

What I don’t mean is that someone is stupid for not being an apologist for a living. Christians bible-879084_1920believe the bible for many reasons, some people just major on some things over others. and it’s certainly not wrong to do so, just as long as scripture is our authority.

What I’m going to be presenting in today’s worldview assignment is by no means exhaustive. These evidences are very close to my heart and mind and are the specific ones that have spoken to me during times of doubt and questioning. So if your faith isn’t strengthened by this, there are always other resources!

Any how here are 3 reasons I believe in Scripture as the authority on everything.

  1. It’s Without Error
    Though this is widely debated, I find this evidence to be very compelling. The Scriptures show an astonishing fluidity despite 40 authors writing from 3 different continents from many different cultural contexts. The fact that they have the same over arching narrative is a miracle in of itself!The fact that the prophesies of Christ were all fulfilled in Him- one man, is astonishing as well. Even just a fraction of the historical prophesies being fulfilled in Christ is the equivalent of spreading silver dollars a foot deep over all of Texas, blind folding yourself, and finding one painted red. And you only get one try. And that’s just a mere few prophesies.

    Another inerrant reason would be history. The Bible documents actual events and places. If you study myths, they use fragmented depictions of the world. The Bible actually uses documentable, real-life places, real life kings, and real life scenarios. And even the so-called “heroes” of the faith are documented in all their sinfulness. If the Bible were fabricated, why would they show all the figures (i.e. Paul, David, Peter) struggling in such heinous ways?

  2. The Resurrection and the Following Events
    In Scripture the apostles, after being scared to death that Christ wasn’t coming back after His Crucifixion, were renewed in their vigor for the faith after Christ showed up in the flesh as proof of his Resurrection. Whats amazing about this is that 11 out of the 12 died a martyr death, and the one who didn’t die in that manner was boiled alive and exiled to an island called Patmos. What could cause such a radical devotion to Christ? He is risen.
  3. God’s Calling of Me
    I am by no means a “great man of God” and that is the exact reason this is one of my evidences. I am a wicked sinner saved by grace. Only by the grace of God am i writing these things today. If it were up to my flesh, I would not be a faithful husband, I would hate God, and I would not be a Believer. Some would say that this is too extreme, but I know how sinful my heart is, and though God is sanctifying it day by day, I know that any good I do is from God, and any fruit I may show is ultimately enabled by the Holy Spirit working in me.

    And because I know Christ is changing me from the inside out, so I know I can trust Him when He says:

    “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Thanks for reading!
This has been a school assignment for my worldview project.

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