Possible College Plan Changes?

A lot of things may be building-731478_1920changing.

God’s been showing me a lot of things lately. From learning the reality and hindrance of debt, the practicality of online schooling, and various other things.

As many know, I’m currently enrolled at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster PA. In fact I’m writing this on a library computer where everyone can hear my loud clicking keyboard. Anyhow, I’ve been looking into other schooling options for 2 main reasons:

  1. Debt.
    I hate debt. As I mentioned in the other post, I’ve been realizing that in the future $40k in student loans can and will deeply hinder my ministry options. I don’t know exactly where God wants to use me, but all I know is debt won’t make it any easier afterwards.
  2. Real-life Ministry.
    I’m a churchman. And though I’m not against an on-campus education, I’m realizing that (at least for me) normal class hours plus work plus marriage really makes it difficult to meaningfully serve my local Church. My thinking is that if I take online courses (though it will still be a full work-load) I can plan my own schedule, work, and be involved in local ministry. I know someone personally who does all those things well and works for a Church while he pays as he goes. So the way I see it is there are many benefits to this approach to schooling such as:
  • Being more flexible to work.
  • Paying for tuition in cash.
  • Serving a local Church for real ministry experience.
  • Planning a schedule yourself (especially helpful for married working folks).

So graduating debt free will improve circumstances and job choices. (don’t have to worry about pesky payments when considering salary

So the contrast, based on Proverbs 22:7, “the borrower is slave to the lender” if i stayed where i am now, I’d be paying for a 4-year education, (after interest) around $50,000. That’s over $400 a month for 10 years. If we wanted to knock it out in 5 years, that’s around $800 a month. That would mean I would need (if I worked in vocational ministry) to be paid around $10,000 extra just for loans. That seems insane to me.

So my prospective plan?

  • Stop paying for something I can’t afford.
  • Get Gen-eds at a community college.
  • Do online schooling (possibly through Moody).
  • Graduate Debt-free.

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