Why Naturalists Have Worldviews Too

“…you can’t be successful and ignore science.” –Bill Nye

This bold statement by author, engineer, and TV host Bill Nye caught my attention in an article by National Geographic. In context he was asked about the “assault on science” referring to aforementioned young-earth creationists. But my question is, why is this an assault on science?

As I understand it, popular science believes the universe is (according to Space.com) 13.8 Billion years old. Why? Many reasons, but to mention two would be the way stars form and distant starlight. The first being the “measured” life cycle of a star, and the latter the amount of time light takes to travel a certain distance (i.e. if we they see a star X many miles away and light travels at the speed of Y, than they determine the time it took to get there).

So why is this an issue? How can these findings not be objective?

Let’s take a look at some different findings. In this article AIG puts forward some alternate theories and the Horizon Problem. Read that for yourself for more insight, but i find it very interesting.

So we have two scientists covering the same topic. So what gives?

They both have differing worldviews.

A naturalist only believes in things that are tangible. Things that can be seen, touched, and experimented on. If the supernatural “can’t” exist, then it only follows that you’d need natural reasons for everything. So when presented with evidence, a naturalist galaxy-10994looks and says “how did nature do this?” but when Theists look they say “God did this”. Which creates so many implications for the outcome of theories. If God created light, and he’s above nature, then it’s not an issue when we’re presented with these theories.

So naturalists have worldviews just like everybody else. And there are definitely problems with this worldview. Morality, for example. But that’s a whole other can of worms.
Though I know I’m not covering either side very in-depth, you can see that where you start changes where you end up. And that’s why you need to examine worldview when you dialogue with anyone, so you can know how to respond.

Thanks for reading!

This is an assignment for one of my college classes on worldview.

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