College Debt?

Debt is a very difficult thing to wrestle with.

As a college student who has taken out loans, I’m currently in around $9000 in debt. Though to many this isn’t very much, after 4 years it will add up to a decent amount which then leads to 10 years of monthly payments. Plus

So i’ve been thinking a lot and praying about this. Is it worth going into debt? Is my investment in my future going to payoff?

These are all legitimate questions to which I would love a definitive answer. And in a lot of ways I wish I would have thought things through more before borrowing.

But as of now I can’t turn back time. I’m going to finish out the year, and decide what to do after.

My options? Well, at this point I’m contemplating doing online school. Maybe study audio engineering and starting a recording business. Online is cheaper, more efficient schedule-wise, and would be good for my personality. The offside would be class interaction. There wouldn’t be physical collaboration.

So those are some thoughts, and I do have more optional ideas which I’ll be sure to post in the future. But until then, be praying for direction!

Thanks for reading!

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