We all have them.

Presuppositions, as the word implies, are pre-supposed ideas that effect the way we interact with evidence. Pre, meaning before, and suppose, meaning to interact with something in some way. So when i say we all have presuppositions, i mean we all have ideas and experience that will inevitably effect the way we interact with evidence.

Case in point: Age of the Earth.

Though this is a very “cliche” thing to use this illustration on, it makes sense and is helpful. When a Christian like grand-canyon-824332_1280myself comes to something like that grand canyon (and i know many Christians will disagree with this also) and sees all the rock layers and the beautiful river-formed canyon, i see a flood. A massive one. From the sky it actually looks like someone dumped a ton of water on a bunch of sand. My explanation? A massive amount of water coming from a global flood found in Genesis.

Now either a secular scientist or an old-earth creationist would look and see rock layers carved out slowly over millions of years by means of a river. And that river slowly carved out the mile-deep canyon we see today.

If you didn’t notice, i used a much shorter response for the latter perspective. Why? Because i cant relate to it! I believe in the first one, and therefore i have a unique perspective that can give more information. My previous ideas shaped my answer and perspective.

And why do i have these ideas? I came to that conclusion because I believe in a “young earth” view of genesis. I personally think it’s very clear and that the only reason some Christians believe in millions of years is because of secular science. If that science hadn’t been around, i doubt many Christians could pull millions of years exegetically from the text. Therefore i interpret evidence based on my foundation: Scripture.

In the next post i’ll tackle why Christians aren’t the only ones with a foundation by which they interpret evidence.

Thanks for reading!

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