Does Evidence Speak for Itself?

Most Christians have had this conversation: “look at this evidence, it points directly to God!” then their friend replies: “C’mon man, it’s obvious this thing says otherwise!”

Then you’re stuck. You see this one way, your friend sees it another. But why is this?

As I talked about in another post, we need to know what worldview “glasses” we’re wearing. These glasses shape how we evaluate and respond to different things and are the reason perspectivefor the frustrating confusion we feel when someone just won’t get it.

But we can’t just stop there, throw our hands up, and give up hope on others. Christ would certainly not have wanted that. We need to first evaluate our worldview, line it up with scripture, and go forward from there. And before I go into why we always need to turn to scripture, we just need to know that we must evaluate ourselves and the situation at hand.

In the case of my above generic “argument” the evaluation that needs to be made is the fact that Man #1 who argues for Christ has (we hope) a biblical worldview. Man #2, on the other hand, holds to a more naturalistic worldview, that this evidence does not point to God, but in fact points to evolution or some other natural phenomena.

We’ve now made some headway. We now know that those two positions demonstrate differing worldviews. The next step is understanding why. The evidence may not speak for itself, but maybe their worldviews do…

And that will be the next post! Or so I presuppose…

Thanks for reading!

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