What Glasses Are YOU Wearing?

Our worldviews play a huge role in our lives. They are the lens by which we see everything in life. So the question arises, how does my worldview affect me?

Thinking of worldview in the sense of any external seeing-glasses1object is the wrong way to see things. Our worldviews consist of everything we have learned, seen, and experienced throughout our lifetimes.

According to Webster, a worldview is, “the way someone thinks about the world”. So basically, it’s the world- we view.

For example if you wear sunglasses, you see a darker tinted world, but if you wear normal glasses, you see things clearly. The real question is, what glasses are you wearing?

Though I won’t get into very specific questions relating to worldview in this post, I do want to move forward on this assumption: we all have a worldview, and we are all biased in one way or another.

Thanks for reading!

See you in the next one.

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