The Crazy Trip to PA!

We finally made it to PA! After 2 days of packing and cleaning we managed to stuff most of our stuff into our little Subaru Outback. The beginning of the trip was a little bit IMG_7329eventful.

After 20 minutes of driving, the car decides to overheat. As any Subaru enthusiast can tell you, the 2.5 is prone to annoying (and expensive) head gasket failure. But we filled the coolant and on we went.

We made it another few hours with no problem. But it decided to overheat a couple more times, which then i decided to bleed the coolant and and make sure it didn’t have any air in it. So after that was done we (finally) made it without anymore overheating.

But, of course, there’s always rust.

Our car has 188k miles on it and was driven up north, so naturally it has some rust. But the sad part was the tailpipe decided to give out halfway through the trip. Pictured above I managed to rig up some wire so that at least we wouldn’t lose the whole thing. But it dragged when we hit bumps and it was quite a loud trip.

So between overheating, rigging up wires, and stopping for food and bathrooms,IMG_7333 the trip took 14 hours. And by the time we made it to Manheim, we were ready to die.

Pictured right is the house we’re staying at until we find an apartment, and there’s our little red car, she made it!

The next few days consisted of getting our “adult” things in order, i.e. Banks, switching addresses on mail, etc.

HUGE praise for the car though, the people we’re staying with got in touch with a nice guy who has his own shop with a lift, and he offered to help me weld the tailpipe back on, and help with the head gasket problem too!

So the next morning He brought me out for breakfast at this cool diner in his old Firebird, and we enjoyed some conversation. We then went back to the shop where he welded my tailpipe back on and it was good as new! We then drained the coolant and refilled with water to add Bluedevil head gasket sealer (more on that in a sec). And when i offered him some cash, he wouldn’t take it! God is so good…

Later that morning (this is a few days after arriving) we went on another road trip to visit Rachel (my wife’s) parents in Virginia. It was a 4 hour trip so we hoped the sealer worked!

We made it and didn’t lose any coolant! Praise the Lord for chemists. I know that it probably wont fix it forever, but it at least gives us time to settle in before I have to tear the engine apart (which would be fun if I had a weekend to play around, but right now i don’t!).

Anyhow, we had a fantastic time in VirginiIMG_7338a where we drove by the Blue Ridge mountains (left) and spent the day making sandcastles and going snorkeling and swimming (below). We were so thankful to be able to visit her family, and it made me miss mine all the more!

Anyways, I have so much more to write about! 11921869_10207904000263774_6448749510634153892_oOrientation is already finished and i’ll be compiling that into a post soon! So follow me if you’d like to read about it soon! Thanks for reading!

Prayer requests:

  • Jobs
  • A healthy car
  • Stay in the Bible as God’s word, not a textbook.

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