What We Learned From Visiting Our Future Home

I said I would post about our adventure visiting PA. It has certainly been awhile since my promise, but I will hold true to it.

We visited one crazy weekend in the middleIMG_7070 of River of Life Summer Camp. Our drive went fine, the weather was beautiful, and we were ready to sit after being on our feet all day.

We traveled to MA successfully, stayed the night, then headed back out the next morning. I must say that I hate not having my blind spots. I have those fish-eye mirrors, but still, nothing beats looking over your shoulder and confirming that in fact, a car’s not there. Anyhow, the drive went fine.

A huge praise was from our landlords, they gave us $4o for whatever we needed, so as we needed gas or food, we had some extra cash. So that was a huge blessing to us.

Once we hit NYC, things got stressful. I definitely don’t get angry driving, but in a place like New York City (the outskirts) the stress level is still high and you feel kind of helpless when the IMG_7078signs come upon you and you have to turn with a car on either side blocking you in.

Anyhow, pictured right was through Franconia Notch in NH. Pictured left was going through Connecticut, where they have really cool little overpass bridges, and well kept roads. (at least where we were)

We successfully made it through NYC (right) and continued onward. We made a IMG_7094few stops on the way and notified the folks we were visiting we would be there soon once we neared the destination.

We arrived in Manheim, PA where we ate a very quick lunch and had to leave shortly after because our Lancaster Bible College tour was in 5 minutes! So we hurried. We took the “Fruitville 500” through fruitville to avoid traffic and arrived at LBC safely.


Once we arrived the first thing i noticed was how nice it was. Even though Rachel wasn’t feeling well and we were tired from a long trip, the campus and buildings were pristine. One of those such buildings pictured left.

Another cool thing was the expansion that was being done. IMG_7099Another huge building was being constructed (pictured right) near to where we were walking. Not that size correlates directly to academic success, it was pretty cool to see a bible school doing well.

The tour went well, we saw the basics, some classrooms, the cafeteria, peaked into chapel (it was locked) and saw the incredible library. One of my favorites (besides the library) was the composition room. IMG_7101As a worship minor, i’ll be in there lot, (pictured left) the office chairs, MIDI keyboards, and iMacs made me excited!

Though the tour was really great, we were also really tired. After the tour we went back to Lexy’s (the girl we brought back from camp) house and sat down with her mom and chatted for awhile. And after chatting she offered us something huge!

We were looking for housing and she offered us a place in one of their rooms for as long as we’d like, we said we’d think about, and asked her a few more questions and then left it at we would let her know once we made a decision. We left shortly after and headed down to VA to visit Rachel’s family.

That visit went well, very relaxing and rejuvenating during the craziness of camp, and Rachel really missed her family. (and i did too!) So that was a good time to unwind the stress of visiting a new place, contemplating a new home, visiting a new school, and just plain tiredness!

Anyhow, we stayed there for a couple of nights and headed back home that Monday morning. (after we forgot my keys in the in-laws car and drove all the way to his work to find them)

All i can say is I hate driving long distances. I don’t mind a few hours, but 12 hours straight is rough. But we made it that night around 11PM and fell asleep hard.

For a more current update:

We are leaving for GOOD this Tuesday (8/18/15) we did in fact decide to take that home room offer, and would love your prayers as we leave!

Prayer list:

  1. Rachel’s health. My wife had some severe pain last week and we’re praying it’s not something big!
  2. Safe Travels.
  3. Car cooperation
  4. Settling in to our new home
  5. To have a missional mindset – this isn’t home, I’m just a pilgrim passing through

Thanks for reading!

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