When I Try Too Hard

This year of summer camp has had a particular craziness to it, from getting both overnight and daycamp photos, to editing a video, to making time with my wife, life has been crazy!

And I’m the type of person to get down on myself: DSC01003“could’ve done this”, “should’ve done that” feeling the pressure of my own thoughts and the the thoughts of others wrongly weighing me down.

But then I’m reminded that I don’t have to be perfect. I can be honest and say I’m not OK, because Christ has been perfect in my place. All of my imperfections (and there are many!) are made perfect in Christ. I don’t have to keep fighting for God, My, and Other’s approval because Christ bought it for me on the cross. God is pleased with me in Christ.

All my filthy rags, all my inadequacies, all my failures are now an opportunity to be glad in Christs work on the cross because those failures will never define me, rather it’s Christs perfection that does.

My update on our trip to PA will be up soon! stay tuned…

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