Road Trip To School

Starting tomorrow at 3PM Rachel, Lexy, rol-pa(a friend from camp) and I will be heading down to Lancaster! This trip has been months in the making and we’re super excited to visit our future college! (LBC)

Pictured left is our route down, though for the first night we’ll be staying halfway in Massachusetts with family, but early the next morning we’ll be heading down, dropping Lexy off at her house, visiting, and then going over to the school! Also, for those so inclined, pray for our housing! We’re looking for a small one bed one bath apartment, and the internet has been a difficult place to look. Also, it doesn’t help being 9 hours away!

But God has been really cool through all this. He’s shown me how much control he has even when I feel like he doesn’t. It’s always after i stress out about things that God reminds me that He’s on the throne, not me. His sobering provision of new friends from PA and finances to get there have been so humbling as of late.

Anyhow, we’re excited to see our future home and I’ll definitely be posting pictures on the Blog’s Facebook Page. and I’ll be sure to make a post with a gallery of photos also!

So after we visit the school, we’re going to head down to pa-vaVirginia to visit my wife’s parents! So it will be a full weekend of driving and craziness! Can’t wait to see everything!

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