Married For a Year!

Of course I mean married for a year and counting, not married for a year and done. Definitely in it for life!

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Pictured above is my wife and I under the tree where we got engaged, I made a scavenger hunt that led to under that tree where the ring! But that feels like forever ago…

This certainly isn’t exhaustive but a few things Jesus has taught me through this year are these:

  1. Listen even when you “know” you’re right.
    -Don’t ever let pride get in the way of listening to her. She needs to be heard and genuinely listened to whether she’s right or wrong.
  2. Let her drive sometimes.
    -As “the man” i like to drive- a lot. And for a while i thought i knew the only way to drive, the only way to steer, brake, etc. Though all those things were well and good, I can be a bit of a push-over and insist my style of driving is superior, leaving my wife feeling nervous whenever she’s driving. So, what I’ve learned is to loosen up and realize preference is just that: preference. (this has applied a myriad of other things)
  3. Find a strength that’s her weakness and vice-versa.
    -Finding something that one of you can do well and the other can’t can be a great (and humbling) learning experience!
  4. Spend time with Jesus .
    -This is one is the most important. Taking the time during the day to sit down, put the phone on airplane mode (BIG struggle for me, no sarcasm there), and dig into God’s Word is the most important way to love your husband or wife. I could write a ton about this one, but in short: When Christ is filling you with His love and truth it will pour into your spouse.
  5. Laugh.
    -No explanation necessary. Just laugh. Together.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to update more on life and marriage and this upcoming year! Also I’ll be the photographer for River of Life and will be posting camp updates and fun throughout the summer!

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