Tough Words Of Hope

I’ve been reading through Luke recently as a refresher on the gospel and Christ’s finished work on the cross. I’m a little more than halfway through and have noticed a lot of things Christ said that made me have to read again.

In today’s age Jesus seems to have become more of a cultural figure, a “nice guy” if you will. And many Christians, (myself included) tend to default in my and our brains to a Jesus with flowing hair, a soft voice, and nothing to say that would make me too uncomfortable, after all he was talking to Pharisees and not me, right?

Well through this bit of a refresher its honestly been hard to wake up and read what our Lord’s words because, honestly they show me (in many cases very directly to my issues) how radical a life in love with Jesus really looks like.

Love my enemies? I have a hard time loving some people at Church! Take up my cross? Go into the world as Lambs among Wolves and proclaim repentance to all? Be perfect as He is perfect…?

It’s impossible. Literally impossible.

Paul says in Romans 8 that those in the flesh cannot please God. So the starting point is repentance and faith in Christ, if we are covered by His blood bought sacrifice then we can please God.

But pleasing God is only brought about by Christ’s work in us, so on our own, we can’t please God. But because of His finished work on the Cross, Christ payed for our sins so God could look at us and see Christ, not our sin anymore.

Though His words are very sobering and challenging, I know that any obedience and accomplishment from following what Christ commanded is only done through Christ in me.

So its not my own goodness that pleases God, it’s Christ finished work that does. And through that accomplishment it overflows into glad obedience to what all of scripture calls us to do and be. And even though I’m far from perfect, I’m so glad God sees Christ instead of my filth, He sees hope instead of despair, He sees life instead of death.

One thought on “Tough Words Of Hope

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