Gospel Community

A community built on and driven by the Gospel is a powerful thing. The gospel empowers a community of believers to forgive, love, confront, and much more in a way that cares for other believers’ souls and nurtures our own.

Now I’m not referring to Church alone, though that is a necessary gathering of the Saints in every way, and I can’t and won’t minimize that vast importance of a local church body. heb 3n 13But within the Church there are those who wish to pursue deeper relationships with other believers outside of the Church House, and this should be encouraged by our local pastors and overseen in a Biblical way, so as not to start some heresy.

So in my case, one of my deacons started a small group where we meet and go through a book called “Gospel Centered Discipleship” where we talk about things we as a body need to be doing and truths we need to be applying to encourage, exhort, and come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. Though the book certainly isn’t easy or comfortable at times, it has shown me the immense value of having a group of brothers and sisters who are in unity together share how we’re doing in life and in our walks with Christ. Also of even more encouragement are a smaller group a brothers (within the group) who I can encourage and be encouraged by for more personal struggles that are closer to home for us guys.

All said, being in a gospel community is of the utmost importance for these (and many more) reasons:

  • It’s a time to be transparent and real about struggles. (instead of just saying “oh… I’m good… u?”)
  • We can be accountable to (in my case) godly men who care for my soul.
  • I can help keep other men accountable.
  • It’s a time to pray for each other.
  • It’s a caring atmosphere to lovingly convict (and be convicted) of sin.
  • Rigorous Bible study.
  • Much, much more!

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope that you find (under the authority of your local pastor) a small group to be a part of. It’s an indispensable gift God has given us as provision to fight sin and love God. If you don’t know where to start, talk to your Pastor about him starting a book study, I’m sure he’d be happy to see someone exited to grow more in Christ.

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