Ministry Updates: Worship Team, Sunday School, and Teen Group

  1. Worship Team:

My wife and I both play for our churches worship team. I play drums, she plays piano and also sings. (and she’s quite good at it, too!) The last couple weeks have been honestly rough, why? Because of the weather. Our practices have been canceled a couple times which has caused us to rush through sunday morning practice before service, but there’s really nothing we can do about it, God had us home those nights for our safety, so I know He’s just watching out for us. Anyhow, other than the lack of practice things have been going well as of this week. A little while ago we had a good practice where we reset the stage’s wiring, and freed tension in the longer XLR cords. The music itself went well, nothing perfect, but we managed to get through it! I enjoy worship team. I love music anyways, but being able to help lead a congregation in worship of Christ is amazing!

2.  Sunday School:

At NHBC we have many different sunday schools for all ages, but the one i serve in particular is with the teens. Mark, the leader has me helping him when he needs it and has me teaching at times, which has been a very growing process. I thought it’d be easy to read the material and go with it, but it’s a whole other thing to present it in a way that shows your own passion about it during the fact.

In the material we’ve been going through a lot of worldview material, ranging from presuppositions to the seven C’s of biblical history. I’ve been learning a lot through teaching and listening to good teachers. As that old saying goes: “God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason!”

3. Teen Group (aka Youth Group)

A famous youth leader once said that “you have to earn a teenagers respect” though I’m still a teenager (19) I’m in charge of leading a few younger teens in my group, and I can tell you- that saying is 100% true. Though of course we should always respect each other despite our age, these teens will know whether you care or not. They know if you’re just reciting words from your head but really don’t care at a heart level. They know.

That’s definitely been the hard part, asking God for the strength to genuinely care when I don’t “feel” like it. There have been times I didn’t want to go to youth group, after all a nice cup of hot chocolate with the wife cuddled up watching a good movie sounds pretty nice right? And of course it is, but God’s been working and changing my heart through those youth nights.

And even when that kid that drives you up a wall (almost literally) God still gives the strength to love them in every situation.

Thanks for reading! I really want to get back in the habit of writing, i enjoy it and i want something to read 5 years from now to remember what I did. So… Hi Nolan 5 years from now!


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