WOL Reverb 2014 – a Weekend Review

One hour until we have to be at the Church. The cars alternator sits on the ground with misc. nuts and bolts all around as I pulled out the oil pressure switch and break the little rubber O-ring on accident.

It took me 15 minutes to find out I had the wrong part (I got the PCV valve, not the pressure switch), and then I had to go into town for a heat-resistant o-ring.

Fast forward an hour I got everything back together and we made it to the Church on time. My oil leak still dripping. (I now have the right part, and that problem is resolved)

Anyhow the teens and us leaders circled up for prayer and we started boarding the bus.

Our trip and the loud pre-teen conversation had begun.

The ride was relatively uneventful, we picked up a few more people at Price Chopper where the leaders decided to stop for dinner and breakfast for the next morning. Apparently my small group boys decided a dozen Mtn. Dews would be a good hydration choice along with pastries and candy. Well, it’s their money. Not my first choice though.

We continued along for a few more hours and you can imagine the kids about to explode from all the drinks they’d been chugging. Our driver (we’ll call him Aaron) agreed to stop for a quick bathroom break. Most of the 50 of us went into the tiny convenience store which turned out only had one bathroom. It was then announced we had 5 minutes until the bus left (to make things snappy).

It ended up to be around 20 minutes, but the greatest part of the story is that around 6 leaders were in the store chaperoning (some over 35) and the store owner walked out to the bus and asked for an older person to chaperone the kids! Aaron then said there were more than 6 in the store, to which the owner was quite surprised. Nothing was going crazy in the store, so we all got a kick out of it.

We then drove another hour and arrived at the hockey game, the first event of Reverb. We had to wait a bit to get in, but once we were in we found our seats quickly and sat down to enjoy the game.

After the game the speaker gave a gospel presentation and an altar call. I’m personally not a big fan of alter calls, but that’s a whole other post. The gospel was proclaimed and one of my small group boys went for discipling! So pray for him and I this youth ministry year as I disciple him in our small group and elsewhere.

During this time Word of Lifers (college students) were setting up games for the churches that had the largest attendance. The names were then called and we got 2nd in attendance! For 1,077 people in our church’s town, over 50 kids is a huge praise!

The games ensued and we didn’t win, but it was fun while it lasted. The selected of our group played games related to Marvel superheroes, so everyone loved it. After they played right and left side of the stadium games related to app games.

After all that we continued to drive to the next event a little ways away. It was a huge indoor gym area filled with a half football and soccer fields, dodgeball arena, badminton, inflatables, basketball, and much more! They served a buffet of pizza for all the hungry kids (and leaders) in the upstairs middle segment of the building. We played there for a few hours (from 12-3am Woo!) and then drove to candlepin bowling.

Bowling was quite an event, my personal highlight was getting a spare timed at the same moment of an epic part of Reds “Perfect Life”, kind of a geeky thing, I know.

After a long 2 hours of bowling we left for home, the ride was like being in a large sweat-filled cylinder with caffeine hyped kids refusing to crash for the night. It wasn’t all bad because my wife and I had a blanket to stay warm and somewhat comfy with as we took turns napping.

As the sun rose that morning I awoke to it from a 2-hour power nap feeling oddly refreshed. The other kids who had stayed awake talking all night were showing signs of finally needing rest, but by then we were almost there.

We arrived home at New Hope Bible Church and stepped off the bus into the cold, refreshing winter air ready to go home and sleep.

The trip was filled with good conversations, gospel proclamation, and connection with us leaders’ small groups. So even though we were all pretty dead for a day or two, we were able to pour into our youth for Christ, so I’d say that’s a weekend well spent.

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