It’s Greek To Me!


I’m finally doing something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, I’m learning Greek!

Originally I had planned to study it in college, but a local pastor has started offering accredited courses through First-Year Greek. So I’m super excited (and challenged)!

We’ve begun with learning the alphabet, that was a few weeks ago. Now we’re progressing on to studying the “Stem” of a word, and the following letters distinguishing “we”, “I”, etc.

So for example, the photo on the left has all words starting with Lambda and Upsilon, pronounced “Lou”. The following letters determine what pronoun to use, as Greek (as far as I know) doesn’t have two words like English does, rather it uses the verb and pronoun together to form one word.

Anyways, my homework (due Thursday) is to memorize the pronoun endings so I can take any stem of a Greek word and add to it the appropriate pronoun.

I’m thoroughly enjoying it and am very thankful for the teacher giving us his time! In the future I’ll update more of what we’re learning, but for now I’ve gotta keep studying!

Thanks for reading!

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