Thoughts On College

Finding a good college that has both awesome education and decent pricing has proved to be a hard search. One reason for the difficulty is that I’m looking for a college with an amazing Theology program (systematic, greek, counseling, etc.). Though I’ve found quite a few colleges that I’m sure have an amazing program, they’re just expensive. My fear is not being able to pay them off after.

But maybe I worry too much?

Well, despite my passion for God’s word I still feel as if a good education trumps money (you get what you pay for). So I’m alright with paying more for getting more. But I have another dilemma.

I also want to study Audio Engineering.

Which opens a myriad of new issues because most great Christian colleges don’t have a great audio program, and the ones that do end up not having the greatest Theology in the world. So I feel at an impasse.

My options:

  1. CompromiseĀ in some way
  2. Do one degree at a time
  3. Do both at the same time
  4. Do none of the above

At this point, no decision making progress has been made. But as I pray and think and study, pray that Christ will give me the wisdom to make a wise decision, and to not look back once it’s made.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know in the comments!


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