Paint, Plans, and Purpose


Recently I’ve been working with the town selectman painting the community center, it’s been quite a blessing because work has been slow lately and I’ve started to apply at various places hoping that someone will hire me full time.

So as I’ve been working this week I got a call requesting my appearance for a job interview. I had applied weeks before and I really wasn’t expecting a call back. The interview went as well as it could, I suppose. He asked all the normal character and work related questions, though in my opinion I don’t think that (for this job at least) those questions would really show whether I was capable or not.

Anyways, even though I didn’t think much got accomplished in the meeting,  I still got called back for a second interview which will be happening in a couple days. So be praying for that as I speak with him again!

God has been providing, and for that I’m very grateful.

One thing I’m continually reminding myself is to remember that everything – work included, is for God’s glory. Even when things seem dull and boring its still for His glorious purpose in and through our lives. 1st Corinthians 10:31!

Anyways, thanks for reading my little update. Make sure to like and subscribe if you’d like to read more content this!

God bless,

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