When I Run Out Of Things To Write

    There’s always something to write. But sometimes it doesn’t really flow, does it? At times writing feels like something fun and exciting, but other times it seems like a chore waiting to be finished. I certainly feel the latter today. It’s not that I don’t have content, there are so many things happening right now that all I have to do is pull up Feedly and I would never be bored. But that’s not the issue.

Writing seems intimidating today.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, or maybe it’s that I feel particularly daunted by the idea of being a “Christian Blogger” who represents Christ to all 60 of you who follow me and to anyone else who happens to read. My point is that I don’t want to fail, even though I know I will. I don’t want to say anything wrong, though I know it’s inevitable. Maybe I have an idolatry of success? As if when I don’t write perfectly Iv’e somehow “lost” everything? 

Seems like I’m hinging too much of this on myself, and not on Christ.

Iv’e come to the conclusion that I can’t please everybody, but I can do my best to please Christ.

And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?



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