God’s Sovereignty In Life’s Craziness

As we walk out of Church last Sunday, we turned the corner and lo and behold our car sits rather close to the gravel as two tires were flat on the same side.

First the alternator, then the tire, then the spare, and now the other 2 tires.

But now we have more issues with the car, but that is to be written about some other time.


20140717-151649-55009362.jpg               Rachel and I recently found out that we wouldn’t be able to meet the people we were house-sitting for’s expectations of us, and some of what happened seemed a bit deceitful and not what they had originally told us. So now we’re moving back out again. All the while with no car (it’s in the shop) and no house, but God has provided us with housing that will get us through quite nicely, so we’re very thankful.

As my father and I moved most of our stuff out, they offered to let us use the play house my grandfather had built some months back as a storage unit until we get all of this craziness settled. So now thankfully we have a place for our things that’s safe from people and the weather. God is so good to us!

All this craziness has reminded me of God’s total control in our lives. I’m sure many would question whether God really cares if He let all this happen, or even if He controls it at all, but it’s given me pause to thank Him for the struggle.

Why thank Him? Though it’s been very difficult and stressful, Gods been reminding me that He “Works all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose”.

That verse has been a huge reminder. Along with the whole biblical narrative clearly communicating God’s sovereignty, this verse particularly reminds me that even when life gets tough, God is still working and He’s using it for His glory and my good.

Though I hate having to rely on other people, I do know that God has given us the body of Christ to help in these times, and for that I’m very thankful.

So even if you’re struggling through life, wondering if God is in control? Just know that He is. And He is working out His incredible plan even when it seems like nothing’s going right.

Thanks for reading!

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